Promote and trade your brands and products with FAB Mercantile…. And enjoy your business success, with ease..

FAB Mercantile is an establishment covering various aspects of marketing, distribution and contracting of own and third party products, brands and services with a wide industry reach. FAB is able to develop its reputation in the field of sales and marketing through the commitment and dedication of people driving it. FAB commit itself into partnership and expand its horizon in various of business locally and internationally.


FAB aims to build a unique environment of excellence, providing its clients with innovative solutions, which we will achieve through our maximised and world class entrepreneurial, marketing and trading abilities. These skills add value for our clients and will help us fulfil our vision of becoming the leading marketing and trading company in the market.
The strategic goal of FAB is to emerge as one of the leading marketing and trading company. Our priority is to strengthen our market presence through: developing new markets; diversifying routes to market; and securing demand for our supplies.


There is no magic wands, hidden tricks or secret handshakes that can bring you success, but with right marketing techniques and market presence, you can get RIGHT there. Bring to us your brands, products, ideas or services – we will make sure that it reaches it’s heights. We will make it a global product, by investing the right temperament, go-getter attitude, professional approach and market study backed with latest technology. Sit back, and focus on your operations, while we make sure of your business grow…


Our priorities are: a) safeguarding the interests and well-being of all our clients, staff and partners; b) protecting the environment; and c) improving the communities. Our activities are aimed at meeting all environmental standards. The company endeavors to be as efficient as possible in resource use.. We are committed to maintaining high business standards at its offices, to ensuring the employment laws (including various issues regarding equal opportunities, occupational health and safety of employees), to guaranteeing opportunities of advancement, training, learning and career development.